Logo Embroidery

Apparels start looking more beautiful and their worth also get enhanced with logo embroidery. However, embroidering a logo or artwork is not a piece of cake. For high quality and last longing embroidered logo you must consider the following things:

Size of the logo

A logo size plays a pivotal role in impacting the look of the product. That is why you are advised to keep it small and not go for a big one as it will make the person as a walking billboard. For a sophisticated and elegant look, the logo must be embroidered in a size which is visible to make an impact but not to grab the extra attention.

Avoid cotton fabric

If you want your logo embroidery to look appealing and clean then you must also give time in choosing the fabric. You must remember that on outerwear, denim, etc. the embroidered logos are able to appear more enticing. However, on cotton or performance fabrics, the result is not quite impressive. Lighter fabrics are really not a great option as after one wash they make the embroidery look dull.

Do the proper placement

While embroidering a logo on a t-shirt or shirt, it is very important to understand that the placement matters a lot. The trend also keeps changing so you need to determine that you follow the latest style in putting logos on the apparel. Putting a mammoth sized logo embroidered on a t-shirt doesn’t look cool and gives you more of a 90’s look. Therefore, you must avoid it and try putting a small logo in a clean way on the sleeve, chest, etc.

Go for effective logo

Definitely, too big or overcrowding logo embroidery doesn’t look good but so is the far simple and generic logo. You cannot put a design which is so simple that it just doesn’t make the logo look refined. That is why you need an effective logo which can be challenging but if employed after applying intelligently could improve the overall look of the product even if it is the hood of the sweatshirt or a cap. If you are into crossfit, CrossFit PFR has some great shirts with logo for sale on their website.

Manage the lines in pale colors

Every time a logo is not embroidered with dark and vibrant colors. There are times when it is embroidered in pale colors to be in coherence with the material of the cloth. In such cases, you need to take care of lines and fine details as thin lines do not look great. It makes the lines look dotted, but when you darken the details it pops out in a better way.

Wrapping up

So, this time when you are doing the logo embroidery then take all the aforementioned points seriously and it will undoubtedly give you better results.